Welcome to the RAPS Hospitality & Allied

RAPS Hospitality & Allied is meant for serving others. A life lived only for one-self is no meaningful life. Nothing but care, concern, cooperation, and consideration for others ’ well being, comfort, pleasure, and prosperity, make the whole world inter-related and lively. There is a kind of satisfaction in catering to the wishes and needs of others, which the people of the hospitality sector can only feel and experience. Our hospitality organization has a large number of solicitous professionals and personnel of various fields of the hospitality sector, ready to help and serve the candidates by fulfilling their recruitment requirements, in India and abroad.

Successful candidates can look forward to bright careers in the hospitality sector as management trainees in hotels and allied industry, guest/customer relation executives in hotel and other service sectors, kitchen management/house keeping management trainees in hotels, cabin crew in national and international airlines, catering officer or chef in cruise liners, marketing/sales executives in hotels and as self-employed entrepreneurs, and so on.